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Tips for managing workplace disruption during the coronavirus pandemic

Coronavirus pandemics have changed the normal life of everyone worldwide. Time was on halt for the people as they all were distracted from their original life. The virus had affected not only the body of the people but also the mind of so many people. Everyone is aware that if they want to keep themselves safe, they must maintain safety distance, so they are worried when they are at the workplace.
It has become like a task for all the companies to get work from the employees while keeping a safe distance between them during the pandemic. Everyone cannot be called at the same time as they must fit in the specific allotted space, and work completed on time is also mandatory. To tackle the situation, they try to call them on an alternate basis or half-staff for one week and the remaining half next week. The company has to somehow manage the workplace distribution during the coronavirus pandemic, for the better safety of the employees.
Managing workplaces distribution during the coronavirus pandemic is difficult for employers, as they must keep the safety distance for their employees and get the work done within the target period also. Adjusting in the same area same office with social distance is like a task for the company and the employees, which creates mental pressure with the pressure of work. All we can do is not to get panic and try to manage and adjust to the situation with patience and keep on focusing on our work.