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HAS Covid 19 Changed your job

Covid-19 the word itself sounds so dangerous as it has affected not only one city or one country but the entire world. Billions of people are affected, and millions of people are died due to Covid-19. The entire knowledgeable research team from all over the world is trying to find out how it is spreading and how it can be cured. Yet no one has come to the exact and accurate answer to such a pandemic. 
In the last year, we are still battling with the pandemic and not able to save our world from it.  People are just informed that keep social distance and wear a mask to avoid spreading germs as well as getting infected. Covid-19 has changed the lifestyle totally and affected the economy of many developing countries.
The routine lifestyle and the freedom of moving and visiting different places everything is changed. When the total economy gets affected then if we talk about Has Covid-19 Changed your Job? It will not wrong to say that yes it has changed the job and affected very badly in many ways. The person working in the office must work from home, which can disturb their concentration in work as everyone are at home including kids. Kids have also online classes, which will need parent's help on and off as it is new for them. House helpers are also not available so the workload will be divided between husband and wife equally. 
Has Covid-19 changed your Job? The answer is yes definitely it has changed the working system, and additionally, many people are out of their jobs as they can’t remain present at their workplaces due to covid-19. Motel business, restaurants, coffee shops, and many other places now need very few people as people are visiting for taking away stuff only. Takeaway and pick-up facilities are increased as people are avoiding being in public places during this pandemic. In the same way, now the big malls are being visited by the customers for home delivery things rather than buying by visiting the places. So, the job is really and badly affected due to covid-19.